Work set to start on Mirani infrastructure upgrade

Published: 29 May 2019

Residents will soon see a flurry of activity as construction starts on the $14 million Mirani Water Recycling Facility (MRWF) upgrade.

Council awarded the design and construction of the MWRF upgrade to UGL Pty Ltd in November last year for the price of $14,255,814 (excluding GST).

Cr Martin Bella said the design phase was progressing well and UGL was preparing to begin early groundworks.

“Residents will begin to see some activity over the coming weeks with additional trucks on the road transporting materials to the site,’’ Cr Bella said.

“While we remind residents to be careful with the extra traffic, most of the works will be happening onsite and will not affect residents directly,” he said.

“This important upgrade will ensure the facility is able to support the growing Mirani and Marian area for years to come.”

The MWRF’s capacity will be upgraded from 3500 Equivalent People (EP) to 7000 EP, with the possibility to extend to 10,000 EP when required.

Current growth projections indicate that 7000 EP will be reached in 2036.

Cr Bella said the upgraded facility would provide a higher level of treatment of irrigation water.

“The UGL system will provide recycled water for unrestricted irrigation of golf courses and cane farms that complies with the Department of Environment and Science (DES) guidelines,” he said.

“The ‘unrestricted’ status also allows council to share more recycled water to users in the future.”

Council’s Mirani Water Recycling Facility currently provides recycled water to the Pioneer Valley Golf Club and a cane farm.

The upgrades to the MWRF are expected to be operational by May 2020.