A classic release from Sarina Sugar Shed

Published: 07 Dec 2020

Sarina Sugar Shed is delighted to release a new rum just in time for Christmas.

The “Sugar Shed Classic” uses Australian award-winning, barrel-aged Sugar Shed Rum.

The rum is combined with the classic tastes of Christmas, including toffee, chocolate and the flavours of Christmas pudding, to create a blend that is luscious and full of festive cheer.

Mayor Greg Williamson said this was another example of product innovation at Sarina Sugar Shed.

“The Sugar Shed continues to produce new blends that are created to match the seasons,” said Mayor Williamson.

“It is going from strength to strength and the Sugar Shed Classic is sure to be another winner for this popular boutique distillery,” he said.

Sarina Sugar Shed coordinator Ian Mason said the Sugar Shed Classic was one of the best releases in the Sugar Shed’s 14-year history.

“Our distiller, Sarah Parrott, has hit the jackpot with this one,” Mr Mason said.

“It tastes so much like Christmas, but the palate is undeniably Sarina rum,” he said.

“We even taste-tested different versions of the Classic with some of our tour participants to find the perfect blend, so we are very confident that we have found yet another winner”.

The Sugar Shed Classic is a limited-edition release, with only 224 bottles produced, and if the incredible success of the SB13 3-year rum in September is any indication, the Classic will sell quickly too.

Each 700ml bottle is individually numbered and priced at $99.

The limited-edition rum can only be purchased at the retail store at Sarina Sugar Shed, open 9am to 4pm, seven days a week in the Field of Dreams Parklands, Sarina.