Asbestos confirmed at Hay Point Transfer Station

Testing has confirmed asbestos contamination at council’s Hay Point Transfer Station.

The transfer station will be closed until clean-up can be completed and the site can be certified as asbestos-free by a qualified inspector.

Sarina Transfer Station will be open from 10am to 5pm everyday while Hay Point is closed, and council is encouraging residents to use this alternative transfer station.

Asbestos cannot be disposed of, under any circumstances, at any of council’s rural transfer stations.

Any material, in quantities up to 175kg, that may contain asbestos must be wrapped appropriately and disposed of at the Paget Waste Management Centre on Crichton's Road.

Loads larger than 175kg must be hauled to Hogan's Pocket Landfill by a regulated waste carrier and must be pre-booked via the council's Online booking system before 3pm 24 hours in advance.

For a comprehensive guide on the safe disposal of asbestos material, visit