Encouraging residents to drive under the radar

Published: 17 Mar 2020

A speed monitoring device will be set up to slow down traffic following safety concerns along a street with a school zone.

The mobile monitoring device, dubbed “Smiley”, will be placed on Norris Road this week for a minimum of two weeks, following concerns from residents about the speed of vehicles traveling on the street.

Norris Road has a speed limit of 50km/h and operates a 40km/h school zone twice a day.

Smiley will be set up to capture traffic between Phillip Street roundabout and Fitzgerald State School.

Director of Engineering and Commercial Infrastructure, Jason Devitt said that the safety of residents was a top priority.

“There are streets where we need drivers to slow down where safety concerns have been expressed,” he said

“We have seen a reduction in speeding in areas that have been previously targeted with this device.

“Council is also investigating placing this device in other streets where speeding is a concern to the local community.”

The device is a visible speed indicator which warns motorists if they are speeding. It will monitor and record the speed of passing traffic anonymously.