Illegal dumping spiked in January

Published: 01 Apr 2020

This year council recorded the highest January on record for illegal dumping in the region.

Council received 25 customer service requests regarding illegal dumping, with the majority linked to green waste dumping.

Community and Client Services director Angela Hays said the increase in illegal dumping was disappointing.

“Green waste consists of things like grass clippings, palm fronds, plants and weeds,” she said.

“It can have negative environmental impacts, such as spreading weeds that compete with native plants, contaminating waterways, blocking drains, and it can also serve as fuel for bushfires.”

“It is disappointing that green waste is being dumped as it could easily be disposed in residents’ general waste bins.”

Ms Hays said there were also unused medications dumped in the region recently.

“There is a free national program to return all unwanted or unused medications to pharmacies, so there is no excuse for dumping pills in the environment,” she said.

“Dumping medication in our environment can also be hazardous for children or pets who may ingest them.”

Residents are issued with three free dump vouchers with their rates notices, so there is no excuse for illegal dumping.

To report illegal dumping please, contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).