Meadowlands Connectivity pathway ready and waiting

Published: 20 Oct 2020

Lace up your runners, there’s a new footpath in town!

Mackay Regional Council together with the Queensland Government are excited to announce the completion of the Meadowlands Connectivity pathway.

The pathway provides about 700 linear meters of shared pathway between the Meadowlands Amphitheatre and Alexandra Street.

Meadowlands Connectivity pathway is the last piece of the puzzle in completing a continuous path from Meadowlands Amphitheatre, along Alexandra Street onto Lansdowne Road and back through the Mackay Botanic Gardens on Lagoon Street.

The construction of the Meadowlands Connectivity pathway ensures that pedestrians and other users of the Botanic Gardens have a safe route around the site without the need to travel along a road at any point.

The continued development of Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens aims to ensure the gardens remains one of the leading regional botanic gardens in Australia, the premier open-space facility in the region and a major tourism drawcard.

This Works for Queensland project is delivering jobs for regional Queensland and is funded by the Queensland Government.