New look water bill to hit mailboxes this week

Published: 13 Nov 2020

When you open your water bill this week, you will see a new easy-to-read format.

Council has updated their water bill notices, after residents had trouble reading their last water bill.

Council’s water bill notices now feature:

  • The reading period at the top of the bill, so you can’t miss it
  • The tariff 1 and tariff 2 charges, (if you use 0-150 kilolitres you are charged at $1.83, and if your consumption was greater than 150 kilolitres you are charged at the tariff 2 rating of $2.72)
  • An educational banner at the bottom that includes details on rainfall, consumption, water saving tips and council’s free water monitoring website
  • A graphic on how to read your water meter and conduct a water leak test.

Mayor Greg Williamson said council wanted to make sure the water bill notice was easy-to-read and advised residents about the weather conditions for the reading period.

“Residents receive their water bill notices six months after the consumption period and you can sometimes forget how dry it was and how often you used the sprinkler,” he said.

“Our new look water bill notice tells you how much rain fell in our region, so you know the conditions during the reading period and if consumption was up or down compared to the same time last year.

“It also details the rates for tariff one and tariff two charges, so it’s easy to calculate your bill.”

The water bill notices that are arriving in mailboxes this week are for the reading period April to September 2020.

During April to September, 300mm of rain fell in our region, and consumption was up four per cent compared to the same time last year.

Mayor Williamson said one of the reasons residential consumption was up compared to the same period last year was due to people working from or staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was reinforced by a reduction in commercial consumption over the same period.

This round of water bill notices are due on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) to discuss payment plan options.