New rum released in time for Father’s Day

Published: 11 Aug 2020

The award-winning Sarina Sugar Shed is delighted to release a special edition rum in time for Father’s Day.

The SB13 rum is the 13th small batch production from Sarina Sugar Shed’s boutique onsite distillery and boasts rich, mellow and smooth flavours from an extra year of barrel ageing.

Sarina Sugar Shed coordinator Ian Mason said this was one of the finest rums the Sugar Shed has produced.

“Rum needs to be barrelled for at least two years to be classified as rum, so we have left it in the barrel for an extra year to mature even further and develop the intense flavours that make this small-batch release so special,” Mr Mason said.

“Since opening in 2006, Sarina Sugar Shed has been awarded multiple Australian Distilled Spirits Awards for its rums and liqueurs and we think this batch is one of the best,” he said.

“Number 13 might be unlucky for some, but for us, we think it is very lucky with our SB13!”

Distiller Sarah Parrott describes SB13 as a full-flavoured rum with tasting notes of soft caramel chews, dried cherries and luscious raisins.

“We targeted this release as a special one-off and sourced premium sugar cane syrup locally from Sugar Australia’s Racecourse factory in Mackay to add in the blend,” Ms Parrott said.

“The rum really benefitted from the additional time in the American oak barrels, which allowed the buttery, smoky flavours to develop,” she said.

The SB13 is a limited release, with each bottle individually numbered.

It is available for sale at Sarina Sugar Shed as a single 700ml bottle, or it can be purchased in a limited-edition gift pack for Father’s Day with an engraved rum glass and wooden box packaging.

For more information about the award winning Sarina Sugar Shed products, call Sarina Sugar Shed on 4943 2801 during opening hours, or visit