New stickers help residents to recycle right

Published: 25 Sep 2020

Residents can now access stickers for their recycling bin to ensure the right things are going in the right bin.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the new clear stickers were waterproof and hardwearing so would not peel off after exposure to the rain and sun.

“The stickers are best stuck to the lid of your yellow-lidded recycling bin to remind you of what can go in that bin,” Mayor Williamson said.

“They also help in reducing contamination in the recycling bins,” he said.

“Keeping contaminants out of our recycling is good for our environment because it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

“Also, clean recyclable materials are sought after by markets for processing into new items for everyday use.”

Residents can recycle newspapers, magazines and brochures, cardboard, milk and juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans, steel cans and aerosols, and plastic bottles and containers numbered one to six.

Please remove lids and rinse the containers in used dish water. Also remove contaminants such as soft plastics, food items, ceramics, garden waste and foam polystyrene.

Residents are reminded to not bag their recycling in plastic bags but place it loosely into the bin.

Other contaminants such as car batteries and gas cylinders are dangerous for staff and can cause fires in council’s trucks and facilities. These items can be taken to Incredable Resource Recovery Facility.

Residents who do not already have a sticker on their bin can pick up the new sticker at council’s Customer Service Centres in Mackay, Sarina and Mirani.

They can also be posted to residents on request by emailing

For more information on how to recycle right visit