On the road to an integrated and accessible transport network

Published: 24 Nov 2020

Council is calling for feedback on an integrated transport strategy for the Mackay region.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the region’s transport system had a key role to play in creating an attractive lifestyle for residents, both now and into the future.

“An integrated, connected, accessible, resilient, safe and innovative transport system increases liveability, prosperity and leaves a positive legacy for future generations,” he said.

“Council’s draft Mackay Region Integrated Transport Strategy (MRITS) represents the vision for our transport system into 2036 and will be used to guide the development, management and operation of Mackay’s transport system over the next 15 years.”

The three key objectives for the region’s transport system outlined in the MRITS include:

  • Objective 1
    Integrate transport planning and land use planning.
  • Objective 2
    Invest to create a connected, accessible, resilient and safe transport system that leaves a positive legacy for future generations.
  • Objective 3
    The community is engaged, and relevant technologies and systems are harnessed, to develop innovative transport solutions that reflect local conditions.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the objectives would guide the direction of future infrastructure projects in the region.

“Our objectives will ensure we are at the forefront of the latest technology and that we can maximise opportunities and benefits across all programs to achieve the best result,” he said.

“Our goal is to provide practical transport solutions that will benefit the whole community and improve accessibility so we can provide increased transport options across the region, where suitable.”

Council is asking for residents’ feedback on the draft MRITS at Connecting Mackay. Consultation will remain open until 11.59pm on Friday, December 18.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the strategy, please contact Strategic Planning on 1300 MACKAY (622 529) or email strategic.planning@mackay.qld.gov.au