Pets are a lifetime commitment, not a gift

Published: 16 Dec 2020

Council is reminding residents to avoid gifting friends or family members a pet for Christmas unless they have first consulted them about it.

Mayor Greg Williamson said pets were a lifetime commitment.

“You need to ensure that the pet you are planning to give to a loved one will be the right fit for their lifestyle and that they are ready to take on the lifelong responsibility of pet ownership,” he said.

“However, if you are prepared for this commitment and are thinking about adding a new four-legged friend to your family over the festive season, why not consider adoption instead?

“There are several local adoption agencies around the region that have animals in need of a forever home, including council’s Animal Management Centre.

“By adopting, you’re ultimately saving a life and giving an animal a second chance.

“You also get your pet registered and desexed as part of the adoption process.”

Council’s Animal Management Centre will be closed from 1.30pm on December 24, and will reopen on January 4 at 11.30am, for the Christmas break. However, officers will meet people by appointment to collect their pet should they be impounded.

To see the animals currently available for adoption visit council's Pound Pets page.