Plan to formalise management of Platypus Beach

Published: 23 Oct 2020

Council is seeking to formalise tenure for the popular swimming spot, Platypus Beach at Mirani, so it can ensure the area is managed appropriately.

It intends to dedicate the area as a Reserve for Recreation Purposes and has completed a detailed Land Management Plan.

The Land Management Plan is required by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy as part of the process to change the land tenure.

The plan will give council the formal ability to manage the site.

It will ensure the public has appropriate access to the reserve and that activities held there can be managed under council’s local laws.

This will help improve the safety and amenity of Platypus Beach, which is a popular location for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and picnics, including through safety signage and risk management.

The Land Management Plan is currently open for public submissions via council’s Connecting Mackay project hub.

At this stage, council is seeking comments on the Land Management Plan only, and not about potential future development or infrastructure provision at the site.

Submissions can be made via Connecting Mackay by November 23.