Children’s book teaches 3Ps lesson

Published: 16 Apr 2021

“I’m a toilet so I only eat toilet paper, pee and poo,” is the refrain of Harold the Hungry Toilet in a new illustrated children’s book.

Mackay Regional Council Water Network Senior Network Engineer, Keith Hyatt, came across the book at last year’s QWater Conference.

Mr Hyatt said Harold the Hungry Toilet was being promoted by author and Unitywater Water Industry Worker level 4, Andrew Hanifin, who’s aim was to help children learn about what can and can’t go in the toilet.

The book is illustrated by Kirstin Gail.

Mr Hyatt said blockages from non-flushable items were an issue for councils across the state and this book helped to teach the 3Ps message.

“It’s a fantastic little book and I took the opportunity to grab a handful of signed copies to deliver to our Mackay libraries,” Mr Hyatt said.

“The book shares the important message of only flushing the 3Ps – Pee, Poo and toilet Paper. It’s essential we teach this message from a young age.”

The book tells the story of Harold, a very hungry toilet and his friend, a little boy called Billy.

Billy tries to feed Harold a series of non-flushable items, including wet wipes, clothes and toys.

“Harold consistently gives the message that he is a toilet so can only eat toilet paper, pee and poo,” Mr Hyatt said.

“This message is in line with council’s Only flush the 3Ps campaign urging residents to bin the wipes and is also taught to students through our Water Education sessions.

“After removing a three-tonne ragberg from the Sydney Street sewerage pump station last year, at great cost to ratepayers, it’s essential that we get this message out to our residents,” he said.

Harold the Hungry Toilet will be available to read at all Mackay Regional Council Libraries including the Mobile Library.

The book will also be incorporated in to the First 5 Forever program.