Clinical Trial Seeking Individuals with Ileostomy to Evaluate Spirulina-Delivered Therapeutic

Published: 06 Aug 2021

The Coral Sea Clinical Research Institute (CSCRI) is conducting an early phase clinical trial investigating therapeutic proteins produced in spirulina that are being developed by Lumen Bioscience, Seattle, Washington USA. CSCRI, based in Mackay, is the only site globally conducting this study.

“This is a very exciting time for Lumen as we progress our therapies for patients affected by diseases currently not adequately treated by available therapies,” said Mr. Brian Finrow, CEO and Co-Founder of Lumen Bioscience. “Lumen is pioneering the use of spirulina as a tool for making therapies that can be taken in a tablet form.”

“This is an important study given the ongoing progression of intestinal diseases despite the best therapies currently available,” said Dr. James Daveson, a gastroenterologist and a lead investigator for the study at CSCRI. “Lumen’s technology offers a new treatment approach, and we are pleased to be involved in this initial research.”

Mayor Greg Williamson said this is a notable study for Mackay, highlighting Mackay’s growing presence on the world stage when it comes to conducting clinical trials.

The study at the CSCRI requires people currently living with an ileostomy (generally people who have had their large bowel removed) to take part in the research that aims to assess the bioavailability of the new therapeutic.

Participants will need to come in to CSCRI for two study visits. If you are interested in being involved, please contact the research team on 1800 69 27 27 (1800 MY CSCRI), email at or visit the website at