Drones hover above the region’s landfill sites

Published: 01 Jun 2021

Council's Waste Services will be using a drone to conduct environmental testing at 16 landfill sites across the region, starting tomorrow.

The testing will take place between Wednesday, June 2, and Saturday, June 5, and will collect data at landfill sites from as far north as Seaforth and Eungella, to as far south as Koumala.

The drone uses an infrared system to measure levels of different atmospheric gases in the area and council collects the data every six months to identify and monitor any changes.

There is no camera on the drone so it cannot capture any images of properties or record any personal information.

The use of the drone is purely for environmental testing purposes and it allows council to access more areas and reduce the amount of vehicle travel required.

Before the use of drones, monitoring was undertaken by a staff member walking across the landfill sites with a handheld monitor.

The uneven surface was a trip hazard, and the task took two to three days to complete at each site. The use of drones means testing can be completed in just a few hours.