Local laws amended

Published: 28 Apr 2021

Increases to poultry numbers, dog off-leash areas and the infringement penalty for disabled parking areas are just some of the amended local laws adopted at today’s council meeting.

Council unanimously voted to support the adoption of proposed amendments to six local laws following extensive government and community consultation.

Mayor Greg Williamson said residents on land sizes of 700m2 to 4000m2 could now have up to 10 birds (including ducks and geese).

“Additionally, two parks in the region, Apex Park and Queens Park, have been identified as dog off-leash areas at all times,” Mayor Williamson said.

As part of the new amendments, dogs, however, are no longer permitted on any council-controlled land in Cape Hillsborough.

This change complements the rules and guidelines of National Parks in relation to the presence of dogs and goes a long way to continue to protect our natural environment at Cape Hillsborough.

Mayor Williamson said those found doing the wrong thing, such as illegally parking in designated disabled parking spots, would now face a substantially larger fine.

“Last year, Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey provided a recommendation to council to increase the penalty units for those found abusing these regulated parking areas,” he said.

“Offenders will now be fined four penalty units as opposed to the previous 1.5 units, increasing the fine to $533.”

Overall, the amendments relate to a range of issues, including requirements for specific advertising devices, new water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities and updating local government-controlled areas, facilities, and roads.