Online tool makes checking property’s flood risk simple

Published: 30 Apr 2021

A new simple online tool means checking a Mackay region property’s flood hazard risk is just a few clicks away.

Council has launched its new Property Flood Report online tool and has produced an instructional video on how to use it.

The easy-to-use tool replaces the customer or online request for Q100/Defined Flood Event/Defined Storm Tide Event and Minimum Floor Level.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the online tool meant customers could now access a Property Flood Report almost instantaneously.

“Previously, customers had to request this report by lodging a customer request online or by ringing our Call Centre and then had to wait for it to be generated and provided to them,’’ he said.

“This new online tool means customers can generate a Property Flood Report themselves via council’s website and receive a PDF of the report within seconds,’’ he said.

“This information is often sought by developers and builders seeking property or lot-based information for building development requirements.

“But it is also useful for residents wanting to understand the flood hazard for their existing property or one they’re interested in purchasing.”

The report provides information on minimum floor level requirements, estimated design flood levels and technical information on the source of flooding.

It reflects information at the time the report is generated and is subject to change. The report also includes information on adopted flood studies in the Mackay region.

The instructional video can be viewed on YouTube

The Flood Report Tool can be accessed via council’s website.