Platypus Beach remains closed

Published: 19 Feb 2021

Platypus Beach will remain closed to the public this weekend and until further notice.

Council has received the second round of results on water sample and collection tests gathered on Wednesday (February 17).

While the latest results reflect an improvement (compared to Monday), both organisms of E.coli and Intestinal Enterococci remain present.

Council is considering how to best manage the site moving forwards, with further testing being conducted over the next seven days.

Platypus Beach is a natural watercourse where water quality can fluctuate.

Managing recreational use on a natural waterway is largely outside of council’s control due to external factors such as environment, rainfall and fauna.

A Recreational Management Plan for Platypus Beach is still being considered and the implications this may have on council’s resources and budget.

Platypus Beach has been closed to the public since Monday (February 15) following public health concerns.