Platypus Beach to remain closed to public users

Published: 16 Feb 2021

Water sample collection and testing at Platypus Beach has been completed following public health concerns raised on Monday (February 15).

Mayor Greg Williamson said due to the nature of the illness that was being reported (vomiting and gastro), council made the swift decision to close the beach.

“Staff from council’s water laboratory undertook testing on Monday afternoon,” he said

Two sample sites were collected – upstream of the beach and downstream near the bridge.

Water samples require to be incubated for 24 hours, with results coming in late Tuesday night.

Mayor Williamson said water laboratory staff focused on testing parameters that would cause relatively immediate illness in the short term.

“Unfortunately, the results have identified E.coli and Intestinal Enterococci present – both of these organisms are found in faeces (human, livestock and wildlife).

“Due to these findings, Platypus Beach will remain closed while further water sample collection and testing is completed,”

Chief Executive Officer Michael Thomson said council would be investigating a way forward to manage the site.

“Options such as implementing a Recreational Management Plan (RMP) will be discussed,” he said.

A RMP involves conducting a survey of the area to develop water quality objectives and a regular monitoring plan.

Platypus Beach is a natural watercourse where water quality can fluctuate due to many factors including the environment, rainfall and fauna.