Rural residents encouraged to stay alert for wild dogs

Published: 21 Apr 2021

Residents are advised that wild dogs may be on the move as breeding season commences.

Mating season generally runs from April to June each year.

During this time mature dogs will be scouting for mates and young dogs will be looking for a place to set up their own den, away from the one they were raised in.

Council is advising pet owners in rural and peri-urban areas, between the rural and urban areas of Mackay, to ensure their yard is securely fenced and to bring domestic animals inside at night or put them in a kennel outside to keep them safe.

Landholders should look at varying the times they allow livestock including goats, sheep and chickens to graze and forage, as wild dogs will observe and wait for the ideal opportunity to attack.

This also applies to allowing small domestic animals outside to explore.

Signs there may be wild dogs in your area include howling or sightings and domestic dogs barking late at night or prior to dawn.

Any landholders with questions or concerns regarding wild dogs can contact
1300 MACKAY (622 529) and ask to speak to council’s Pest Management Officers.