Signature projects funded in $109.5 million capital works program

Published: 23 Jun 2021

A $5.4 million upgrade of the Milton and Archibald streets intersection is one of the major projects of a $109.5 million capital works program budgeted for in 2021-2022.

The upgrade includes construction of a roundabout, with the work funded by the Queensland Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme and council.

Key signature projects, including the Mackay Waterfront Priority Development Area, Northern Beaches Community Hub and Pioneer Valley Mountain Bike trails have also received combined funding of $7.4 million.

Mayor Greg Williamson said these key projects had been progressing well and had substantial funding allocated next financial year to build on that preliminary work.

“There is $3.1 million to begin construction of the Mackay Waterfront and $2.5 million for master planning and design for the Northern Beaches Community Hub,’’ he said.

“There is $2.3 million to complete construction of the new Animal Management facility at Mt Bassett and $1.8 million for Pioneer Valley Mountain Bike trail design.”

Mayor Williamson said the capital works program included $57.9 million to renew existing assets, $24.6 million in upgrades and $27 million in new assets.

“Our Capital Works directorate has had an extremely busy 12 months, especially having to change plans throughout the year due to COVID impacts, and they are set to deliver another big program,’’ he said.

CEO Michael Thomson said council’s Long Term Financial Forecast envisaged about $1.3 billion in capital spending over the long-term forecast model.

That will primarily be funded by operating surpluses, grant funding from the State and Commonwealth governments, capital contributions from new property developments and moderate loan funding.

“The model is sophisticated, but it suggests council is unlikely to have to borrow funds to support its capital works program until 2023-2024,’’ Mr Thomson said.