Vandals continue to target popular lookout

Published: 01 Apr 2021

Lamberts Lookout is the latest target of vandalism with three instances over the past six months.

Mayor Greg Williamson said general waste bins at the site had been destroyed, stolen and vandalised repeatedly.

“This type of behaviour is rubbish, and it is something that as a community we shouldn’t have to tolerate,” he said

“Mackay residents take great pride in where they live and the beautiful assets and facilities they call their own, such as this popular viewing platform.

“Lamberts Lookout offers stunning views and it’s a shame that due to relentless vandalism council isn’t able to provide a vital service such as rubbish collection, which helps keep the area clean for visitors.

Council is currently investigating alternative options for rubbish collection at the lookout to minimise theft and vandalism.

Engineering and Commercial Infrastructure director Jason Devitt said one of the latest attacks had resulted in a general waste bin being damaged and pushed off the cliff into rocks below.

“This careless behaviour has now resulted in a difficult retrieval effort for council,” Mr Devitt said.

“The rocks and the steel arm attached to the bin make it problematic to firstly access and then be able to lift and manoeuvre.”

Mayor Williamson said not only did vandalism cost council, but it also negatively impacts the overall enjoyment of the facilities provided.

Vandalism is a crime and offenders can be prosecuted. If you see suspicious behaviour, please report it directly to Policelink on 131 444.