Weekly tests help residents swim with peace of mind

Published: 09 Apr 2021

Council has created a webpage to make it easier for residents to make informed decisions about whether they should swim at Platypus Beach or not.

Concerns were raised about the water quality at Platypus Beach in February after some of the people who entered the water experienced vomiting and bites and rashes on exposed skin.

Mayor Greg Williamson said council wanted to give residents and tourists peace of mind before entering the waterway.

“It is not council’s place to restrict access to a natural waterway that provides such tremendous recreational opportunities for locals and visitors to our region,” he said.

“Instead, we want the public to make their own informed decisions about when, where and how they use the waterway.

“Council will be taking weekly water quality samples on Wednesdays at three different sites at Platypus Beach during the swimming season, which runs from September to May, and publishing the results on council’s website.

“Water quality assessments will be based on the presence of total Coliforms, E. coli, Enterococci, and turbidity and visual observations such as flowing or stagnant water and water clarity, among other things.

“During the non-swimming season, water samples will be taken monthly.”

The sites that will be tested at Platypus Beach include:

Site A – at the end of the main beach area

Site B – near the bridge

Site X – at the corner, upstream from the beach.

To learn more and view the Platypus Beach water quality results, visit www.mackay.qld.gov.au/platypusbeach.

Signage will also be in place at Platypus Beach so visitors can easily access the latest results.