Memorial Swim Centre to re-open at 1.30pm today

Published: 25 Mar 2022

Memorial Swim Centre will re-open to the public at 1.30pm today.

The pool has been closed since an employee of contractor Belgravia Leisure raised the alarm about a possible chlorine spill shortly before 7am.

This sparked a quick and major response from emergency services, including securing a safety perimeter and managing motorists in the area.

Investigations have since determined there was only a minor leak on a pipe of the chlorine storage system.

About three to five litres of chlorine had leaked into a contained pit, which was part of the system. This has now been rectified.

There was also about 150 litres of liquid in a bunded area, but investigations have determined this was pool water and there was no leak.

Once again, council wishes to thank emergency services and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland for their quick response.

Council will hold further discussions with Belgravia about the incident.