Almost half of all illegal dumping offenders tracked down

Published: 05 Apr 2023

Council received reports of 20 illegal dumping cases across the region last month.

Of those incidents, nine offenders have been caught and were required to clean up their mess or face a hefty fine.

Mayor Greg Williamson said illegal dumping was not only unsightly, but it presented dangerous risks to residents’ health and the environment.

“The type of rubbish we found dumped across the region last month ranged from general household waste to furniture and appliances,” Mayor Williamson said.

“However, we have even found things like asbestos and old medication dumped in the region in the past, which is extremely concerning due to the health impacts,” he said.

“We can’t be everywhere, so we need everyone in the community to be vigilant and report illegal dumping to council so we can all work together to help keep our region beautiful.

“Council provides three free dump vouchers with every rates notice, so there is no excuse for dumping rubbish around our region.”

Residents can also take any old furniture or white goods to the Incredable Tip Shop at the Paget Waste Management Centre free of charge for recycling.

If you see illegal dumping, please report it to council by calling 1300 MACKAY (622 529).