Children at the forefront of local Domestic Violence campaign

Published: 30 May 2022

A series of progressive and powerful billboards will be in the spotlight from today (May 30) to raise awareness and draw attention to the impact domestic violence (DV) has on children.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the billboard campaign had been developed and delivered by the DV Taskforce Mackay.

“Council, as a lead organisation in our region, takes our responsibility of providing a safe and inclusive community to all our residents and visitors seriously,” Mayor Williamson said.

“We want these gut-wrenching images to be seen by as many eyes as possible because as a region and community we are working towards eliminating domestic and family violence from our streets,” he said.

Mackay Women’s Services Executive Director Linda-Ann Northey said Mackay Women’s Services was proud to be involved in launching this action-based campaign so that true intervention and prevention could happen.

“We believe it is a step in the right direction in stopping trauma on children today and preventing domestic violence from occurring for children in the next generation,” Ms Northey said.

“The campaign aims to appeal directly to men, particularly dads – both dads who are using violence and those who can be good role models for future change,” she said.

The billboards will be spread across the region, printed as posters and brochures and appear as digital displays at Caneland Central.

Ms Northey said Mackay Women’s Services found people wanted to help stop DV and abuse, but they did not know what to do, who to ask, or how to become involved.

“For these exact reasons, this campaign provides a platform and plan for residents and businesses to become a ‘Business or Community Champion’.”

By visiting the DV Taskforce Mackay website, you can register your interest in business accreditation, training, volunteering, donations and many other valuable support services.

Ms Northey said the taskforce hoped to spark new thinking and plenty of conversations in families, businesses and community leaders.

Mackay Women’s Services acknowledges all members of DV Taskforce Mackay for their commitment to this campaign and most particularly all the key organisers and contributors Mackay Regional Council, RedHotBlue, Paradise Outdoor Advertising, LendLease, Caneland Central, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Ltd and the Mackay Community Foundation.