City Safety Grants to enhance community safety

Published: 17 Apr 2023

Council has announced a new round of City Safety grant funding for the Mackay City and Waterfront area is open.

The grant program is designed to assist businesses in implementing safety enhancements, such as upgraded external lighting and CCTV installation, with the aim of improving late-night safety and enhancing the overall experience of visitors in the city.

Mayor Greg Williamson said commercial businesses and incorporated bodies can apply for funding of up to $3000.

“The program is designed to create safer public environments and decrease instances of risky or offensive behaviour and violence,” Mayor Williamson said.

“We know that the presence of CCTV and surveillance discourages congregation on public streets late at night, and ultimately creates a safer night-time environment for all patrons,” Mayor Williamson said.

In a previous round of funding, successful applicant and local business McGuires CBD Hotel Mackay installed a new high definition, CCTV system with four cameras that covered existing blind spots on their premises.

Mayor Williamson said the grants support and empower businesses to take proactive steps toward enhancing community safety while protecting and improving their own facilities and operations.

Applications for City Safety Grants are now open and can be submitted online via the 'Smarty Grants' platform at

Eligible businesses and incorporated bodies are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive impact on community safety in Mackay City Centre.

For more information or to view the guidelines, visit Mackay City and Waterfront website or phone 1300 MACKAY (622 529).