East Point vehicle access maintained

Published: 13 Jul 2022

Vehicle access to East Point will be maintained even though a section of the existing track will close for environmental and safety reasons.

Council, working proactively with the developer of the Dunes Estate development, has agreed on a solution to maintain vehicle access to the popular recreation and fishing area.

An area immediately adjacent to the first stage of the development will be closed to vehicular traffic to allow the developer to revegetate the foreshore reserve.

Access to East Point will be maintained in the first instance via a track off Dunes Boulevard, past the first stage, which will link up with the existing track to East Point.

This will be a temporary measure while council works on a more long-term solution by providing a gravel road along the Road Reserve through The Dunes development site.

Mayor Greg Williamson said council officers had initially recommended vehicular access to East Point be closed to enable the revegetation, a State Government condition, to be undertaken.

But he said the original report was “laid on the table” to enable investigation of other potential options.

“Council has a duty of care as Trustee of the Environmental Reserve, but also acknowledges the existing vehicle track is popular with anglers accessing East Point and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

“This informal access has been in place for many decades.”

Mayor Williamson acknowledged developers of The Dunes for working proactively with council in looking for a solution and the work of council officers.

Mayor Williamson said the side track branching off at the end of the current Dunes Boulevard Road was only a temporary measure.

“Council’s preferred option is to build a formed gravel road on the Road Reserve of the development.

“This will get vehicles off the Environmental Reserve on the foreshore. Council is a trustee of that reserve.

“But this will take some time as there are issues, including cultural heritage consultation, to be addressed.

“It would only be a gravel road at this stage as the alignment of the Road Reserve may change in future stages of that development.

“Eventually, as the development progresses, there will be a bitumen road all the way to East Point.”

Mayor Williamson said closing the section of the track in front of the development would also help ease safety concerns.

“Residents of that first stage have moved into their new homes and there is a safety risk with them accessing the beach on foot and vehicles using the track,’’ he said.