Mackay council Christmas video hits new high note

Published: 10 Dec 2021

The annual Mackay Mayor’s Christmas video has been taken up an octave or two for 2021.

This year’s video, released today, is an original song penned and professionally produced locally.

It features local singers and musicians, as well as a chorus made of Mayor Greg Williamson, councillors, council’s informal Christmas choir and up-and-coming Mackay singer Tiffany Grace.

Mayor Williamson said the uplifting song, called Mackay Christmas, had taken the annual Christmas video production to a whole new level.

“We had Graeme Connors sing on one of our Christmas videos a few years back, but that was one of his songs,’’ Mayor Williamson said.

“This year we’ve penned our own song, had it polished and produced by professionals and it has come up a treat,’’ he said.

“It was also great to get out of the Santa suit this year and into an airconditioned recording studio. I’ve played Santa for the last few videos and that suit is very hot this time of year.”

Mayor Williamson said the original concept and lyrics were done by council’s Corporate Communications and Community Development teams.

He said those lyrics and music were then composed by Mackay musician Luke Geiger and Sugar Town Music’s Scott Netuschil.

“The lead vocals were sung by Josh Geiger, with backing vocals by Luke Geiger, Klancie Keough and Bella Mackenzie. They are all very talented locals.

“Scott from Sugar Town Music was the producer and engineer. We thank all of these people for getting involved in the project.”

The song’s video clip was filmed and edited by council’s Corporate Communications and Marketing team.

There is a 2 min 22 second version for social media (and the audio track for radio), as well as a 90-second version for television.

“The tune is very catchy and we’re hoping Mackay residents will incorporate it into their Christmas celebrations this year,’’ Mayor Williamson said.

“We’re encouraging them to play it at their Christmas get-togethers and sing along.”

Mackay Regional Council’s 2021 Christmas video can be viewed on council’s Facebook page.

It is also on council’s YouTube channel at

The audio file can be downloaded here

2021 Mackay Regional Council Christmas video and audio track creditsConcept and original lyrics Elisa Crooks and Mark Sleeman, of Mackay Regional Council.
Composers lyrics and music Luke Geiger and Scott Netuschil
Lead vocals Josh Geiger
Backing vocals Luke Geiger, Klancie Keough and Bella Mackenzie
Acoustic guitar Luke Gieger; Bass Jason Johns; Drums and Percussion Tim McClelland
Chorus Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson, councillors, members of council’s Christmas Choir and Tiffany Grace
Producer and engineer Scott Netuschil, Sugar Town Music
Videography and editing Lee Brake and Lyneale Thrupp, of Mackay Regional Council