New beach signs promote jellyfish awareness

Published: 24 Nov 2022

Council is installing new warning signs at a number of popular beaches to coincide with the beginning of stinger season.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the signs were designed to increase awareness of the risks of two of the most dangerous species of jellyfish (stingers) found in the region; the box jellyfish and Irukandji.

“Stinger season runs from November to May each year, so we want to increase awareness around this issue,” Mayor Williamson said.

“We had a death in our region earlier this year due to a jellyfish sting, so we want to remind residents to remain vigilant when visiting our beaches,” he said.

“Full length stinger suits provide the best protection against jellyfish stings when swimming at local beaches.”

Mayor Williamson said the new signs were designed to give users a better appreciation of the risks of swimming at the beach.

“The signs identify the species of jellyfish that present the most risk and that are most common in our waters,” he said.

“They also detail the time of year when these jellyfish are most likely to be found in our waters, what protective measures should be taken, symptoms, first aid information, emergency locations and contacts.

“Beachgoers can also scan the QR code on the signs, which provides a link to even more detailed information in the event of a sting.”