New Walkerston Library to cater for growing community

Published: 30 Nov 2021

Why did Walkerston Library cross the road?

To move to a more spacious and accessible premises in the Walkerston Shopping Centre on Creek Street.

Mayor Greg Williamson said with the lease due to expire on the current Dutton Street premises at the end of November, council had taken proactive steps to improve the Walkerston Library experience.

“Dutton Street has served us well since 1977, but its floor space is quite limited and the removable timber door ramp doesn’t align with Australian accessibility standards,” Mayor Williamson said.

“Creek Street has 25m2 more floor space and it also has low gradient ramp access,” he said.

“There will also be more space for programs like Baby Bounce and Toddler Times, and there is the opportunity to increase the collection and enhance the technology and public PCs on offer.”

Mayor Williamson said library clients would also welcome the additional parking.

“Dutton Street offers only limited parallel parking and is a high traffic area,” he said. “There’s also no nearby disability parking.

“With a catchment of more than 8800 people and 3350 local members, there is a real need for more space, more parking and more accessibility – and this new premises delivers on all of those.”

The relocation will take place leading up to the Christmas holidays, with Walkerston Library expected to open in the new location in the New Year.

Five things to look forward to in the new Walkerston Library

  1. More floor space and seating for public programs
  2. Modern RFID equipment used in other libraries to improve self-service facilities
  3. A bigger collection (more books!)
  4. Convenient parking and lots of it
  5. Improved accessibility options, including a low gradient ramp.