Register now and save

Council is encouraging residents to swoop in and take advantage of early bird pet registration discounts.

Residents who register their pets before July 31 can save up to 50 per cent off the total cost of registering their pet.

Cr Karen May said it was a legal requirement for both cats and dogs to be registered and microchipped.

“Registration fees are put towards the cost of running Mackay’s Animal Management Centre, which provides care for lost animals while they are waiting to be reunited with their owners,” she said.

“Registering your pet also provides peace of mind for pet owners, as we will be able to get in contact with you quickly and easily should your pet ever go missing.”

The discounted pet registration fees are as follows:

  • Desexed dog: $37.80 ($57.20 normally)
  • Non-desexed dog: $87.80 ($123.50 normally)
  • Pensioner desexed dog: $19.40 ($33.70 normally)
  • Pensioner non-desexed dog: $40.80 ($79.60 normally)
  • Desexed cat: $12.30 ($20.40 normally)
  • Non-desexed cat: $27.60 ($48 normally)

Residents are reminded that council has lifetime registration tags, so new tags will not be sent in the mail unless you are registering your pet for the first time. However, if pet owners do require a new tag, this can be arranged by contacting 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

Council is also encouraging residents to take up RSPCA’s Operation Wanted offer where pet owners can save 20 per cent off desexing their cat or dog at participating vets from now until August 31.

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