Tender awarded for Memorial Swim Centre

Published: 09 Nov 2022

DMR Leisure Pty Ltd will take over the management of Memorial Swim Centre next year after being awarded the tender at today’s (November 9) council meeting.

Prior to entering into the new agreement, council reviewed the term of the contract and extended it from a two-year contract (with the option of a one-year extension) to a five-year term (with the option of two one-year extensions at council’s discretion).

This will give DMR the opportunity to invest in staff and form a good working knowledge of the Memorial Swim Centre from both an asset point of view and a client point of view.

DMR will be appointed as the official operators of the facility in January 2023, which will give them time to recruit staff and gain a better understanding of the assets they will be maintaining.

Current operators Belgravia Leisure will continue to manage the facility until this time so it can remain open over the December school holiday period.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the cost to run the facility going forward totalled almost $610,000 per year, excluding GST, which was $197,000 more than what was estimated.

“The costs of operating this facility have increased significantly,” Mayor Williamson said.

“This is due to the current economic climate, the increasing costs of employing staff, the heritage listing increasing the cost of repairs and the term of the contract being extended,” he said.

“Council will need to request increased funds for the operation of this facility in a future budget review to cover the additional costs of running this swim centre.”

DMR Leisure will act as operators of Memorial Swim Centre until the initial completion date of January 31, 2028, at which time it may be extended.