Turtle nests at risk of being destroyed

Published: 25 Nov 2022

Residents driving 4WD vehicles and motorbikes on beaches have been damaging turtle nesting areas and putting hatchlings at risk.

It’s turtle nesting season, which runs from October to April each year, and residents are being asked to avoid driving on the region’s beaches.

Several turtle nests have already had to be relocated.

There is also the risk that turtle hatchlings will fall into tyre tracks and get stuck while trying to make their way back to sea when they begin hatching next month.

As a result, council will begin installing turtle nesting awareness signage across the region over the coming weeks.

Residents are also being asked to take down the vehicle details of any 4WDs or motorbikes they see driving on the region’s beaches and report it to council by calling 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

Motorists are reminded that driving on the foreshore and dune areas at local beaches not only puts turtles at risk, but it can have devastating effects on coastal vegetation and habitat for other native wildlife.