Vegetation vandalism puts properties at risk

Published: 23 Nov 2022

At least 25 trees have been damaged at Ball Bay in a shocking act of vegetation vandalism.

The incident involved the complete removal of some of the trees at Buoro Street and extensive trimming of others.

Mayor Greg Williamson said council would be implementing the actions of its vegetation vandalism policy to their full effect.

“These trees protect our foreshore and provide residents’ properties with protection from severe weather events,” he said.

“We are currently in storm season, so it is disgusting that some residents continue to prioritise their views of the beach over the safety of the foreshore.

“As a result, council will be replanting trees at this location at a density of three trees for every one that was damaged. In total, we will be replanting up to 75 new trees.

“We will also be installing a large vegetation vandalism billboard at this location.”

Mayor Williamson said that there was not enough evidence available to prove the identity of the person responsible for this act of vegetation vandalism.

“If anyone has any information or evidence on who may have damaged the trees at Ball Bay, please contact council,” he said.