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Mackay Regional Council's Public Interest Disclosure Policy outlines council's commitment to investigating all public interest disclosure (disclosures) in a confidential and timely manner.

Council encourages all staff to make a disclosure about any suspected wrongdoings, dangerous or suspicious behaviour, and information about matters concerning reportable conduct.

Please note that you can lodge a disclosure anonymously. However, council does encourage you to provide at least an email address or phone number, so council can keep you updated with the disclosure and obtain further information if needed for the investigation. When you provide your details, please be assured they will be handled in a confidential manner, however if you hold any concerns over confidentiality, you are still able to lodge a disclose anonymously.

Reportable conduct means any conduct by a person or persons connected with council that falls under the below report types:

Report types

If you wish to complete this form manually and post it to council, please download and print the pdf form.

Postal address:

MRC Disclosures
PO Box 41

Public interest disclosure form

Please note that you can make an anonymous disclosure. However, council encourages you to provide at least an email or phone number to keep you updated and obtain further information regarding the investigation. If you wish to make an anonymous disclosure, please leave the boxes in this section blank.

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Discloser details

Please enter name of person making disclosure.
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Please note that an anonymous discloser will not be able to be advised or informed of the investigation outcome

Disclosure report details

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If you are making this Disclosure anonymously, please provide sufficient detail to assist with the investigation
Is witness information available?

State the nature of any documents or written materials that supports your claim or that you have seen but cannot produce.

State the nature of any other evidence that supports your claim.

Please note that all personal information included in this disclosure will remain confidential.