2010/2011 Disclosure Log

Application NoDate Information Requested
023 20-Aug-10 Submissions providing comment about a land use plan for Mackay airport
025 1-Sep-10 Approvals and applications for operations at 43 Brisbane St, Mackay; information relating to activities allowed on that site
026 14-Sep-10 Planning process and development approval for Rowing Club, Pleystowe
028 23-Nov-10 Documentation in relation to works undertaken Mt Jukes Road, Kuttabul (approx June 2010)
030 10-Dec-10 Keswick Island planning approvals, development applications, applications to modify Deed of Agreement, inspection records, correspondence between Council and Keswick Island Developments Pty Ltd
031 23-Dec-10 Reports - planning process, subdivision of Lot 3 RP883454, Grasstree Beach
033 31-Jan-11 All building approvals issued to Barry Green Pty Ltd from 2005-2011
039 8-Apr-11 Documents relating to reinstatement of footpath outside building development in Gordon Street, between Brisbane and Carlyle Streets.