2011/2012 Disclosure Log

Application NoDateInformation Requested
044 1-Aug-11 Official register for all backflow prevention devices
046 24-Aug-11 Documentation in relation to complaints from residents of premises in Archibald Street re non-collection of wheelie bins between 6 June 2007 and 6 June 2008.
047 13-Oct-11 Properly made submissions for the development application for preliminary approval for an "integrated" tourism and residential development for land situated at East Point Drive, Mackay (Lot 8 on CP 883450) lodged by Eastpoint Mackay Pty Ltd, application no. DA-2002-92.
048 19-Oct-11 All documentation relating to the section of Connors Road, Mackay between Farrellys Road and Cooks Lane including but not limited to maintenance records, complaints, reports of accidents between 6.11.2006 and present date
049 19-Oct-11 Complaints about road markings, sign posting condition on Connors Road between 2004-2011
050 1-Dec-11 Documentation in relation to road condition at Cnr Grasstree Road & Garrett Road
061 27-Apr-12 Documentation in relation to the common property for the Crown Community Titles Scheme 41282
063 24-May-12 Documentation in relation to road conditions and work performed on Neubia-Conningsby Road to 27.11.11 and any proposed future works.
065 14-Jun-12 Documentation in relation to the approval of 2 Nelson Street, Mackay.