2012/2013 Disclosure Log

Application NoDateInformation Requested
065 14-Jun-12 Documentation in relation to the approval of 2 Nelson Street, Mackay.
079 31-Jan-13 Photos that relate to infringement notice D10016
080 27-Feb-13 Official register for all backflow prevention devices
081 22-Mar-13 Documents produced since 2011 showing information, including reports, memos, assessment, analysis about revision of possible changes to the one in a hundred flood line or a one in fifty flood lineand possible changes arising from, or related to water flow rates
084 11-Mar-13 Proposed acquisition of Part of Lot 1 on SP 232812 situated at 152 Holts Road
085 14-May-13 Headworks contributions by Verde Property (Aust) Pty Ltd in respect of the Commercial Office development at 44 Nelson Street, Mackay
086 12-Jun-13 Water Fluoridation Documentation