2013/2014 Disclosure Log

Application NoDate Information Requested
090 23-Jul-13 Complaints regarding road and heavy haulage on Barrie Lane, Homebush and correspondence relating to King Quarry, Homebush.
102 22-Jan-14 The independent engineer's report into the timber protection wall currently in place at McEwens Beach.
104 19-Mar-14 A copy of hydrological and hydraulic model electronic files that informed the report titled McCreadys Creek South Stormwater Trunk Infrastructure Study (MRC 6 July 2011)
109 9-May-14 Documents in regard to the proposed acquisition of Part of Lot 1 on SP232812 situated at 152 Holts Road, Glenella for drainage purposes and to facilitate the construction of a detention basin and drainage corridor to mitigate flood levels and flows to the culvert crossing on Mackay Bucasia Road and McCreadys Creek South Northern Tributary.