2014/2015 Disclosure Log

Application NoDate Information requested
11 September 19, 2014 All documents in relation to DA 2009-4519 and the judgment given in Planning & Environment Court Appeal No. 1786 of 2012.
12 February 3, 2015 All correspondence, documents, photographs, memorandum and investigations with respect to an incident on 2 October 2013 on the Bruce Highway at Sarina (north of Plum Tree Creek)
14 January 15, 2015 Regional Sustainability documents and draft Planning Scheme documents
20 June 2015 All documents relating to Mackay Region Enterprises Pty Ltd (CAN 603 413 403
22 June, 2015 Current and past plans for drainage and pipework in West Mackay before and after the construction of the new railway line.  Current and past plans for drainage and pipework, along with levels of Paradise St concrete walkway & roundabout & Archibald St & Connors Rd.