Capital works projects worth $116 million a highlight of Budget

Council's new 2019-20 Budget has earmarked $116 million for capital works projects.

That includes $72 million for renewing existing assets, $15 million for upgrades and $29 million for new assets.

Mayor Greg Williamson said 2018-19 had been an extremely busy year in terms of capital works projects and council was not taking the foot off the accelerator.

“We’ve delivered major projects this year, the biggest of which was the $24 million Mackay ARC (Aquatic and Recreation Centre),’’ Cr Williamson said.

“But there are more major projects in store for the new financial year,’’ he said.

Major projects budgeted for in 2019-20 include:

> $14.1 million construction of the Mirani Water Recycling Facility

> $7.7 million to continue the Queens Park Redevelopment

> $7.2 million to continue development of a Resource Centre of Excellence

> $8.5 million for reseal and rehabilitation road projects

> $2.5 million for development of a new animal management centre (subject to external funding).

Also included is about $6 million worth of projects associated with the start of the State Government’s Works For Queensland round three program delivery.

Cr Williamson said many of the major projects would enhance liveability for residents and visitors, including tourists.

“There is a couple of million for further design work on the Mackay Waterfront PDA and $50,000 for design of a proposed new mountain biking facility for the Pioneer Valley,’’ he said.

“There’s also money budgeted for land purchase for a new Northern Beaches Community Hub, a project which secured a $6.5 million Federal election funding pledge,’’ he said.

CEO Craig Doyle said council was confident it could achieve close to its $116 million capital works spend in 2019-20.

“A restructure of council to create a dedicated Capital Works directorate has reaped results in the current financial year, with a completion rate of around 97 per cent,’’ he said.

“The efficiencies and focus created by this restructure will ensure we will again achieve a completion rate close to 100 per cent for this massive $116 million capital works program.”