Councillor locality maps

We cover such a larger area, 7,261 square kilometres in fact.

This is an enormous challenge for councillors, but it’s important we strive to deliver good effective, efficient services to all our ratepayers. We also have a strong focus on engagement and talking to our community.

This is why, two councillors have been allocated an area of responsibility or locality.

Should you have an issue specific to your area, please contact your locality councillor. It is important that you make them aware of what drives your local community and how council can help serve your area.

We are keen to hear about:

  • Local road issues
  • Rates queries
  • Requests for changes to allocated traffic signs for parking times
  • Requests for funding or in-kind assistance
  • Animals
  • Nuisance issues
  • Local Parks
  • Etc

Remember – It is always best to contact council directly via 1300 MACKAY  (622 529) or lodge a customer request.


Your locality – Your councillor

> City (PDF 338KB)

  • Cr Amanda Camm
  • Cr Kevin Casey

> Northern Suburbs (PDF 784KB)

  • Cr Fran Mann (nee Fordham)
  • Cr Justin Englert

> Southern Region (PDF 625KB)

  • Cr Martin Bella
  • Cr Karen May

> North Coast and Beaches (PDF 534KB)

  • Cr Ross Gee
  • Cr Laurence Bonaventura

> Western Region (PDF 737KB)

  • Cr Ross Walker
  • Cr Ayril Paton