COVID-19 Community Pulse Survey

An independent COVID-19 Community Pulse Survey is being undertaken to  assess the impact of coronavirus and its social distancing restrictions on the Mackay community.

The survey includes a random phone poll of residents, as well as the option for people to respond online at the link below.

It is being undertaken by IRIS Research on behalf of council. IRIS Research has conducted Community Attitude Surveys for council dating back to 2009.

Council is aware there have been major impacts on Mackay region residents due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions.

But much of the information council and the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) has to date is anecdotal.

This comprehensive survey will provide us with much clearer data to help assist the community during recovery from the pandemic and the associated economic crisis it has created.

The survey, which takes about seven minutes to complete, focuses on Mackay region households.

IRIS Research will be calling Mackay mobile phones and landlines to conduct the phone survey. The callers will clearly identify that they are calling from IRIS Research on behalf of Mackay Regional Council.


Survey undertaken by:

IRIS Research