How to visit a COVID-19 mandated facility safely

On arrival

Visitors aged 16 years and over must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a valid medical exemption, in line with the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

On arrival, visitors – including those from interstate – will be asked to check in using the Check In Qld app.

  • Open the Check In Qld app on your phone.
  • Click the ‘Check In Now’ button.
  • Scan our venue QR code, which will be visible on signage near our entries. (You can also check in any accompanying children at this step).
  • At the entry, staff will ask to see proof of your Check in and look for the tick that confirms your vaccinations status.

To make things as easy as possible for your entry into the facility, we ask that you please link your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Check In Qld app before your visit.

Follow these instructions on how to add your proof of vaccination status to the Check in Qld app

What if I don’t have the Check In Qld app?

Our strong recommendation is for visitors to check in using the Check In Qld app, including visitors from interstate.

The app allows you to complete two steps at once: it demonstrates that you are fully vaccinated and registers you for contact tracing. Both steps are required to visit this council facility.

If you cannot check in using the Check In Qld app, our staff will ask you to complete these two steps separately:

1. Proof of vaccination

Both proof of vaccination and evidence of medical contraindication can be either printed or electronic. It includes:

  • a written confirmation of COVID-19 vaccination given to the person, such as a record of vaccine card
  • vaccination information displayed on the Check In Qld app
  • a COVID-19 digital certificate or printed vaccination certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • an online or printed immunisation history statement for COVID-19, including confirmation of a medical contraindication
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be viewed or printed through:

2. Contact tracing

Our staff will register you for contact tracing. They will ask you to record your name and contact phone number electronically on our device, or manually using pen and paper.

We need to view proof of vaccination to manage our work health and safety risks and comply with Queensland Health directives. Your information will be kept private.

What if I have a medical exemption?

If you have a medical exemption, please let our staff know. They will ask to see evidence of your medical exemption.

Acceptable evidence is an Australian Immunisation Register immunisation medical exemption form completed and signed by your medical practitioner that states you are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical contraindication or an acute medical illness.