AMP Placemaking Grant

The Mackay region is comprised of a mix of urban and rural areas each with a unique character and community. Council recognises that communities with a strong sense of place each have a unique attractiveness which can encourage people to live, work, play and visit.  These places are drivers of economic development, are a source of community pride and enrich the quality of our lives.

The AMP! Activate My Place Program is offering grants to individuals or organisations to deliver programs, projects and/or events that enhance the amenity, activity and appearance of a place.

The Program seeks to support applicants to enhance a place to enable social and economic returns through projects such as public art, street art and events.

Applications and Guidelines

Applications are open from February 10 until March 30, 2020. Apply at

AMP - Placemaking Grant Guide (PDF 3.8MB)

Application Questions (PDF 0.2MB)