Mackay Region Events Strategy 2020 – 2025

The Mackay Region Events Strategy 2020-2025 provides a strategic framework and action plan to maximise the outcomes and benefits that the region receives, as a result of Council’s investment in events.

Mackay Regional Council undertook extensive stakeholder engagement and collaboration with key regional stakeholders to identify an action plan which seeks to prioritise projects and actions needed to support the events and sports tourism industry to enable the Mackay region to harness the social and economic benefits in the community.

The Strategy identifies a vision for Mackay to be recognised as a leading regional events destination. The region’s strategic approach to events will focus on creating and nourishing a successful regional events economy; so that the optimised events benefits are able to be realised. A four-pillar framework has been developed to deliver this vision:

  1. Set the structure in place
  2. Create the environment for success and sustainability
  3. Develop, acquire and partner
  4. Evaluate and evolve

Within each pillar there are specific initiatives that provide clear direction regarding future activities to support the acquisition, development and delivering of events and guide the Mackay region to increased economic prosperity through events. The Strategy is supported by key regional stakeholders who Council continues to partner with to guide the delivery of our regional economic vision.

Mackay Region Events Strategy 2020-2025