Our Economy

Mackay’s recent growth has left the region with a depth of infrastructure and assets which will continue to support our growing economy and business development.

With more than $1 billion worth of projects currently approved or under development, the Mackay region is positioned to further capitalise on its recent growth and take advantage of its status as a new-age regional city.

Council provides a range of comprehensive and up-to-date of information regarding the region’s economy.

REMPLAN – Economy Profile 

Economy Profiles

This website provides third-party economic data for the Mackay region such as population, employment, gross regional product, regional exports/imports, tourism and building approvals.

REMPLAN – Community Profile 

Community Profiles

This website provides third-party demographic insights for the Mackay region such as population, migration, families, education, work, housing and wellbeing.

Growth profiles 

Growth Profiles

This website combines historical insights, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data, and council growth projections to present a localised future growth outlook for Mackay’s 18 urban communities that will experience growth to the year 2036.

Economic Profile 

Economic Profile Report

The Mackay Region Economic Profile is a full comprehensive statistical handbook on the Mackay Region which provides both economic and demographic data for the Mackay region.

Regional Snapshot 

Regional Snapshot

The Mackay Region Regional Snapshot provides a concise snapshot of key economic and demographic data. The Regional Snapshot is updated each quarter.

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