Bike Plans

In 1999 council adopted the Mackay City Bicycle Strategy for the Mackay urban area. The Bicycle Strategy sought to encourage cycling in Mackay and guide the development of a more safe, convenient and accessible environment for cyclists, particularly those of school age.

In 2004, council carried out a review of the strategy, mainly driven by the need to review the high development growth areas and to extend the master plan to include areas such as Glenella and Slade Point. A further review was undertaken in 2007 which updated the master plans to include the Northern Beaches and Walkerston.

The scope of the 2010 review involves extending the plan to include a whole region approach to cycle traffic planning. The current focus of the Mackay Cycleway Strategy is to close the 'missing' links in the existing network as well as creating a 'spine' link
for future extensions to the network.