Self-contained RV Grounds

Council’s Planning Scheme allows for a person to establish, without a development permit, an RV ground in the Rural zone, Tourism zone or Township zone. However, there are self-assessment requirements in the Planning Scheme that need to be met.

The self-assessment checklist will assist someone who would like to establish a self-contained recreational vehicle ground (RV ground) for up to 10 vehicles and determine whether:

  • they comply with all self-assessment requirements; or
  • a development application is needed where requirements cannot be met.

The checklist does not replace or override the planning scheme requirements. The completed checklist will need to be submitted as part of the application for Local Law approval relating to the operation of caravan parks.

Planning Scheme user guide 26 provides guidance and information on how the Planning Scheme applies to establishing RV grounds. There are Local Law requirements and approvals that apply to RV grounds which are outlined in the RV friendly caravan park approvals factsheet.

If you want to discuss the checklist requirements or need assistance completing it, please contact council for further advice via email or call 1300 MACKAY (622 529).